Eco Friendly Cleaners that Work at Prices you can Afford! We make Cleaning a Breeze!

BreezMate is Planet and Eco-Friendly!

All of BreezMate's Cleaning Products are Biodegradable. That means they are Safe for the Oceans, Environment and the Planet because they will decompose naturally without leaving residual toxins behind.  

The Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines bio·​de·​grad·​able (bī-(ˌ)ō-di-ˈgrā-də-bəl) as


And Innocuous is defined as:  

producing no injury HARMLESS

Harmless.  Don't we all want to clean and maintain our homes, offices and exteriors with a product that is biodegradable and thus harmless for the environment?  Of course it is; we only have one planet!  Let's all do our part to keep it safe and free form residual toxins and chemicals.  

BreezMate's Floor and Multi-Surface Cleaners go a step further.  They are GreenSeal Certified to be truly safe for Children, Adults and Pets.  No residue is ever left behind (even with no rinsing) and they are fragrance and dye free making them the breathe-easy, non-staining choice for all floors, counters and stainless steel.  

Try BreezMate for yourself and take advantage of our Free Refill with Purchase of a 32-oz Floor and Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray offer.  It's like getting 2 for 1 without the extra packaging. 

Save money and the landfills at the same time; that'll put a smile on your face!



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