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How to clean wood floors like a pro/effectively?

Clean Wood Floors Like a Pro

Wooden floors are one of the elegant flooring's for any home, it adds an extra charm to the entire house. But to maintain these wooden floors can be a heinous task. Just any wood floor cleaner would not come in handy, what you need is one of the best wood floor cleaners. 

When we talk about wooden floors, some might think there is only one type, but that is clearly not true. There are indeed various types of wooden floors including hardwood floors, laminated floors, bamboo wood floors, and so on, and they take a lot of hits in terms of damages; dust, spills, debris, scratches by children when they are playing, or pets just trying to scrape the surface, this is regular torture faced by many wooden floors. 

But does that mean a hardwood floor requires a hardwood floor cleaner? Or does a laminated wood floor requires a laminate wood floor cleaner? Not really. 

To maintain a healthy and hygienic environment, one must understand how to clean wood floors efficiently.

How to Clean Wood Floors?

To preserve the original texture of the surface and its form, the best way to keep the wooden floors clean is to clean them daily with a mop. 

But just using a mop with soap water or any other regular wood floor cleaner would not work, as it might damage the floor with its acidic content.

Investing in the Best Wood Floor Cleaner

When we mentioned earlier about using one of the best wood floor cleaners, we meant that one wood floor cleaner that is effective on different types of wood, so that it may act as a laminate wood floor cleaner, hardwood floor cleaner, and so on.

But there is more to it than you might think. 

The best wood floor cleaner has certain checkpoints to be met:

  • It has to be UL Greenguard certified.
  • It should be fragrance-free since fragrances are harmful and toxic to humans.
  • It has to be residue-free to avoid changing the appearance or colour of the wooden floor.

If these checkpoints are met, then it must be easier for you to maintain a clean, healthy, and hygienic wooden floor just by applying the wood floor cleaner on the floor or a sponge and rubbing it against the surface. 

But we have talked about how many homes use different types of wooden floors and the most elegant one but the hardest to clean has always been a hardwood floor. Even the best of the best wood floor cleaners can surrender when it comes to cleaning a hardwood floor. But with proper procedure, it is possible to achieve a clean and fresh face of the hardwood floor.

How to clean hardwood floors without water

An efficient hardwood floor cleaner can also be called one of the best wood floor cleaners because if it can clean hardwood, it can clean any type of wood surface.

But just a hardwood floor cleaner will not be sufficient for a long-lasting shine on its surface, there are a few things to keep in mind. The best hardwood floor cleaner requires the best techniques too.

  • First, remove the dirt, dust, or spills with a microfiber mop, as it will not scratch your floors like a vacuum does.
  • Spray the hardwood floor cleaner solution on the area wiped by the microfiber mop.
  • Now gently polish the floor with the cleaning solution.

This method does not require even a cup of water, as the hardwood floor cleaner will do its job if the cleaner meets all the checkpoints. Now next time you ask someone or even yourself about, ‘how to clean hardwood floors, remember these three easy and simple steps.

You require one of the best hardwood floor cleaners because the dust and dirt, pile upon each other and make it harder for anyone to clean the floor with water and soap or even regular wood floor cleaner.

How to clean hardwood floors that are unsealed

How to clean unsealed wood floor

The weakness of unsealed wooden floors is that they can absorb water more easily than the finished wooden floors, and create greater damage to the entire flooring resulting in unnecessary expenditure on the entire flooring.

The best way to avoid this situation is to always use a dust mop regularly in order to eliminate unnecessary pile-up, and when cleaning with a hardwood floor cleaner, dry it immediately with a microfiber cloth.

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