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How to Choose the right Cleaner for your floors

Choose the right cleaner for the job!

Your floors are one of the biggest investments you will make. 

Maintaining your floors may seem a difficult but using the right cleaner makes your job easier and your floors happy!

First, let's explore wood floors. 

There are many types of hardwood floors.  Do you have real wood plank flooring or wood veneer?  Is your floor a wood veneer or laminate? If your wood is unsealed, using water is a big no no. They can absorb water more easily than the finished wooden floors, and create lasting damage.

Regardless of the type, wood floors can easily be scuffed, damaged and ruined by dust, spills, debris and sand. 

Children playing with hard toys, pets needing a nail trim, ladies with high heels and everyone tracking in the great outdoors leave dirt, sand, dust, grime and scratches will all take a toll on your wood floors.

But not matter how dirty (or what your Mom said) never, ever use vinegar or any acidic cleaner on wood!

What about Ceramic Tile, Stone and Marble floors?

Tiles can become dull, yellow and loose their shine after months of mopping with the wrong cleaner.  Some Stone and Marble absorb liquid and will quickly loose their luster if the a cleaner with chemicals and dyes is applied.  All of these floors may also be scuffed by sneakers, wooden heels and rubber dollies, bikes and skates.  

The trick to cleaning virtually ANY TYPE floor is to find a product that both cleans and protects without using harsh chemicals, leaving a dulling residue or needing to be rinsed.  If it dries fast, all the better!  Alleviating water stains and preventing slips and falls are just a few of the upsides to a fast-drying cleaner.

Investing in the best cleaner is worth the extra pennies!

BreezMate Eco Friendly Floor Cleaner may not be the cheapest but it ticks all the boxes needed to preserve your floors.  It works on all types of floors mentioned above (including unsealed wood), never needs rinsing, adds a layer of protection and dries fast!  Other benefits include:

  • Neutral pH is gentle on floors and skin.
  • UL Greenguard certified safe cleaner for your whole family.
  • Fragrance-free for easy, non-toxic breathing in small spaces.
  • Dye free so your floors will not discolor 
  • Residue free will not changing the appearance, texture or color.
  • Biodegradable formula is better for the environment.

We love BreezMate but if you choose another brand, be sure it has all the features listed above.  Your floors will look better and last longer!


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