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How to clean vinyl plank flooring

If you have Vinyl floors in your home, office, or elsewhere then you know it gives out the premium feeling for the venue, it was just made for that purpose and durability. This makes the vinyl plank floors one of the easiest floors to clean and maintain. Here, we will talk about, What is the best way to clean vinyl floors? Is there something called ‘ best vinyl floor cleaner? what kind of vinyl floor cleaner do you need? And cleaning products that are not safe for vinyl planks.

What is the best way to clean vinyl floors?

The best way to clean vinyl floors is the best way to clean any floors, that is regularly. But there are steps to be taken in order to make sure that it is maintained properly. 

  1. Make sure to wipe the spills immediately with water to prevent stains.
  2. Before the regular cleaning, wipe away the dust, dirt, and hair with a dry microfiber mop.
  3. Then use a natural cleaning product combined with a wet mop to wipe off the remaining grime and to let it shine.
  4. Leave the floor to dry.

Make sure you use a microfiber mop to prevent any scratches on the vinyl plank, also use a natural floor cleaner in order to prevent stains and residue.

 Is there something called ‘ best vinyl floor cleaner ’? And what kind of vinyl floor cleaner do you need?

best vinyl floor cleaner

Let us clear this out once and for all, No, there is no such thing as  ‘ best vinyl floor cleaner ‘ but there are measures that can be taken in order to get a floor cleaner that does a perfect job without damaging your floors.

  1. Make sure that the vinyl floor cleaner is ph Neutral i.e. neither too acidic nor too basic to prevent damaging the floor.
  2. Make sure it is odorless: Well, even though fragrances smell great in a room but they are mostly harmful chemicals.
  3. If the floor cleaner is a ‘natural plant-based’ vinyl floor cleaner then it’s a win-win for you and the environment.
  4. Make sure it’s kid & pet-friendly, as you don’t want them to be harmed.

There may be very few floor cleaners out there with these specifications and thankfully Breezmate is one of them. But it will make your floors last and shine bright longer.

Cleaning Products that are not safe for vinyl planks:

Cleaning Products,not safe for vinyl planks

We talked all about cleaning products being safe for vinyl planks but which are the ones that you should not use?

  1. That acidic vinegar, that might just form a residue after a certain amount of time.
  2. Any other home remedy that is acidic or basic enough.
  3. Floor cleaners that are not pH neutral.

With this simple strategy, you’ll be able to make your vinyl plank floors shine bright and last longer with a premium look.

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