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how to clean tile floors

How to Clean Tile Floors, the easiest floor to clean.

In this day and age who doesn’t have tile floors in their home? It’s shiny, appealing, and most importantly durable, and guess what? It is one of those floors that are way easier to clean too. But still, you see some tile floors that are damaged or dirty or ill-maintained. Why? That might be because although it is easier to clean the tile floors with respect to other floors, it has its own steps to be taken. So, what is the best way to clean tile floors? And do you need a specific tile floor cleaner for that?

Best way to clean tile floors:

So, what is the best way to clean tile floors? Simple, by being regular. If you mop the tile floors daily with a microfiber cloth then you have nothing to worry about for a long period of time. But if you don’t mop or sweep it daily then the tile floors may be vulnerable to dirt and dust and may also result in scratches. So what do you do when you cannot be regular? And what to use to clean tile floors? Let’s find it out with the most common tile floor.

How to clean ceramic tile floors:

How to clean ceramic tile floors

If you thought there was only one type of tile floor, sorry to say that you are wrong. There are commonly 12 types of tile floors, from Porcelain tile floors to Marble tile floors. But we are going to talk about the most common tile floor used in homes and offices: The Ceramic Tile Floors.

You don’t have to put much effort to know how to clean ceramic tile floors, it is as it sounds:

    1. Remove the dirt and dust with a dry mop.

  1. Use a tile floor cleaner that is pH neutral and natural, so that it does not damage the floor.
  1. Apply it in a microfiber mop and clean the floor gently.
  1. Do worry about the grout, it is the dense fluid used to cover the spaces between the tiles, it's easier for dirt to collect in the grout which also absorbs spills making it look dull and dirty.
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