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How to Clean Stone Floors?

How to Clean Stone floors so that they last for even centuries

Let’s be honest here, if you are going for stone floors they are bound to last for decades, even centuries. That is just their nature but even though their time period is much larger than the other floors the surface of the floor might be affected over the years. How? By the way you treat it.

You might be wondering that since these are stone floors then just cleaning them with any cleaner might do the work but we know it to a dollar that it is wrong. So do you need a specific stone tile floor cleaner? Or do you need a natural stone cleaner? Or just any stone tile cleaner would do the job? We are here to answer all of it. Let’s just start what you need to get started with cleaning the stone floors.

What do you need to clean your stone floors?

What do you need to clean your stone floors?

There are few things that you need to clean stone floors, and these are basic. A dusting mop, a natural stone cleaner, a vacuum cleaner, and a clean mop. But before we get into ‘ how to clean stone floors ’, don’t you want to know what kind of stone floors do you need?

Even the stone floors have their own categories, you may have limestone floors, you may have granite floors, and you may have slate floors too. Even though stone floors are extremely durable; water, stain, and wear-resistant, they might be damaged by the choice of our cleaning product. That is why using a natural stone cleaner that is neither acidic nor basic and has the perfect pH balance would be suitable for any floor, a perfect example of such natural cleaners is Breezmate. Now let’s get into the cleaning process.

Prepare the floors for cleaning:

Preparing the stone floors for cleaning is quite easy, all you need is for the floor to be dry and a dusting mop or vacuum cleaner.

Just brush off any dry dirt or dust from the stone floors and be done with it. If you are using the vacuum cleaner just make sure that it doesn’t scratch the stone floors. After you have removed enough dust and dirt from the floors we can move on to using stone tile cleaners.

How to clean the stone floors efficiently:

Even though the stone floors are durable they have a high tendency for grease to be attached to them. So after dusting and mopping, using a natural stone floor cleaner can easily remove the stains or residue if it has formed on the surface of the floor.

The only thing to remember while cleaning it with the cleaner is that if there is hard and adamant greasy grime on the stone floor then just scrubbing it with the mop a bit harder will do the job.

Leave the applied cleaner on the floor for 10-15 minutes for it to set and then just wipe it off with the dry mop and then you are good to go. This cleaning process if done regularly can do wonders for your stone floor and keep it shining and maybe even for centuries.

Things NOT to do while cleaning a stone floor:

Do's and dont's while cleaning stone floors
  1.     Keep vinegar away from the stone floors:

You might think that vinegar might be really effective in cleaning those stone floors, and you are right, they are. BUT they are highly acidic and have a very high chance that they will damage the stone floors.

  1.     Do not use soap to wash the stone:

Soaps will leave a white film layer on the surface of the stone floor that will gradually build up.

  1.     Use minimum water while cleaning:

Using too much water while cleaning the stone floors may seem like an effective way to wash a hard surface like the stone floor but it will eventually lead to building up of stain.

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