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How to Clean Hardwood Floors?

How to Clean Hardwood Floors?

Keeping wooden floors clean and shiny is quite the task, and the burden increases when it's the hardwood floors. They have their own speciality in adding a wonderful charm to your room but they have their own speciality to be kept clean too.

So what is the best way to clean hardwood floors? Do you need the best hardwood floor cleaner ? If so, then what is the best hardwood floor cleaner? Let us dive into the best way to clean hardwood floors and how to efficiently deep clean hardwood floors.

Prevention is better than cure

Probably the best way to keep the hardwood floors clean that very few people talk about is to prevent them from getting spoiled from daily harm in the first place. Most of the daily damage happens due to dust, accidental spills, water stagnation, moisture. So how do you prevent it?

  1. Place floor mats, outside and inside the doors, so that the dirt and grime from the shoes do not transmit to the floors.
  1. For rainy weather, a boot removal area at the lobby of the house will prevent the water from the boots from damaging the hardwood floors and making them soggy from the inside.
  1. Add rugs on the floor to prevent it from getting scratched.
  1. Add a laminated coating in order to prevent the floor from getting damaged from accidental spills. or dry it quickly with a mop right after the spill.

These measures will help a lot in cutting down the time from especially deep clean of the hardwood floors.

If preventive measures are taken properly then the task becomes much easier, all we have to do now is to look into the cleaning solutions and if possible then to explore the idea of how to clean hardwood floors naturally.

The Simple chore of cleaning the hardwood floor

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

After the preventive measures, the best way to clean hardwood floors is with just a cleaning solution and a mop with a microfiber cloth. But that depends on how much foot traffic you have in the house. But also which hardwood floor cleaner should you use? Should you use the ones that just claim that they remove germs or should you also look for natural hardwood floor cleaner that does not damage the floors.

We suggest you prefer cleaning solutions that are natural and are neither too acidic nor too basic in terms of their pH level. pH level must always be neutral in order to avoid the damage caused by the cleaning solution.

After you have chosen the perfect cleaning solution, the next thing is to look for the perfect cloth to wipe up the solution, and that’s where the ‘Microfiber’ cloth comes in. The reason we suggest microfiber cloth is because of the ease of washing them after the wipe and most importantly that they do not damage the floor while you wipe them against it.

But we do understand that preventing the hardwood floors from the daily dirt, grime, spills can be a hectic task and not everyone can do it. So what do you do when you can’t prevent the damage in the first place? You have to adapt the technique to deep clean hardwood floors. Some people can confuse deep cleaning with regular cleaning and it is understandable but there is a slight difference between them.

Regular cleaning is done slightly to remove the dirt and grime from the surface to maintain the shiny stature but deep cleaning is done once every month to remove all the dust, dirt, grime from the places which are mostly ignored on a daily basis and reset the entire hardwood floor to a new status.

Equip the knowledge to deep clean hardwood floors

The tools you need to deep clean hardwood floors are almost the same as the regular floor cleaner, but you might need to add a vacuum cleaner in there, we will explain why.

Not every hardwood floor can be a clean engineered hardwood floor, and you don’t need the best hardwood floor cleaner to deep clean it too. Now that you have all the tools with you, it’s time to dive in on the deep cleaning process:

  1. Get rid of the dust and dirt with the help of a ‘DRY’ microfiber cloth or mop
  2. The dust and grime in Hardwood floors can be adamant, so using a vacuum cleaner can get the dust and dirt from the deep areas between the hardwood floorboards and also help in removing hard stains. But be careful and vacuum carefully, as vacuum cleaners can also damage the floor.
  3. Then use the ‘WET’ microfiber cloth or mop damped in the cleaning solution to wipe the floors.
  4. Change the microfiber mop cloth/pad while cleaning the hardwood floor as cleaning the entire floor with the same microfiber will not be efficient. And focus on the deep areas where you won’t usually wipe the floor in the regular cleaning.

Just applying these 4 steps can result in a deep cleaned hardwood floor. But we would still suggest that regular cleaning ‘DAILY’ is always better than deep cleaning.

Lastly, Hardwood floors can be a tricky thing to deal with when it comes to cleaning them, the trick is to choose the perfect cleaning solution that is natural, contains no odour (as odour chemicals can be harmful), has a neutral pH balance, non-toxic, kids and pet-friendly too. Once you sort this out then you can live in a very hygienic and healthy environment. And all of this can be found in the Breezmate floor cleaner that supports an Eco-friendly approach to keeping the floors and the environment healthy.

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